How Much Data Structure needed to learn Full Stack Dev?

What are core concepts needed to learn in DS and Algo ?
Only Having Basic concepts re sufficient or need in depth .

What i feel is followling are necessary
1.Time And Space Complexity
2.Asymptotic Notations
3.Searching and Sorting Techniques
6.Stack , Queue
7.Tree Graph and their operations
8.Algorithms Problem solving
-Divide and Conquire
-Brute Force
-Branch And Bound

Let me your Thoughts


Yea these things are pretty much it. But you’ll never stop learning though. You’ll just be learning and using new and efficient algorithms every day.

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Having basic knowledge is ok. But I suggest you master these concept and any problem thrown out at you , you should be able pick any of these tools and solve them . Like mechanic master the engine and keeps tools handy . A great software engineer should always have these knowledge and concepts at one’s disposal

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Thank you so much Suraj
Will definitely master it over period of time