EDUCATIVE.IO - Decode the Coding Interview in JavaScript: Real-World Examples

Course Overview:

Preparing for coding interviews has become a daunting task. Trying to solve enough practice questions and remember solutions can feel impossible.

Fortunately, the best way to be successful in the coding interview is not to just grind through problems. The best way is to develop the skills to break down a new problem and deploy the right tools to come up with a solution.

That’s why in this course, you’ll prepare for coding interviews by tackling real world problems faced by tech companies. When you solve real problems related to real projects (for example, paginating attendees in a Zoom call), not only will you have more fun preparing, but you’ll also have an easier time remembering what you’ve learned.

After each project, we’ll also show you what kinds of interview problems you’ll now be able to solve using the techniques you just applied, so that your knowledge is adaptable to new problems.

Following files are included:
.html => lesson files that can be opened in browser such as Google Chrome
.txt => code files that can be opened in text editor

Good luck! Enjoy.

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